14 February 2011

Character Sketch

Went for a walk yesterday and saw this:

Who do you think they were?

And where are they now?

My guess: Um... teenagers who are currently in jail for vandalizing private property (notices the falls in the background... it's a state park). :0)

Just kidding!


  1. LOL!!!
    That is sweet to see, though.

  2. I think a really old couple did it and every year on Valentine's Day they come back for a huge smooch by the tree! ;)
    ~ Wendy

  3. Funny! I usually love to see that kind of thing. And I love wondering about the people who put it there.

    When we were landscaping our backyard, the designer was late one day and all the workers carved their names into a beech tree near our driveway while they were waiting. Not very romantic, and a little annoying that it's there forever now!

  4. Oh! How romantic! Your comment made me laugh. :)

  5. I wonder about things like that too. I often see elderly people at the store and wonder what their life was like when they were young. This pic might make a good writing prompt!

  6. Too cute! Hmmmm - maybe you and your sweetheart did this as you were on your way to the top of the falls (is it Amicalola?). You thought it would make a cool pic and blog topic, and you know what, you're right!!

  7. I've been to that park. But I haven't seen the permanent indication of young love. I think they're still together. And elderly. And every now and then, they go back, take a look, and giggle about it like they did when they were in high school...


  8. It's pretty deep carving - the love must have been very serious. That's a gorgeous picture.