24 January 2011

Something New

Two weeks ago I said something was in the air. After all, it snowed on Christmas Day for the first time in my life. I moved my prologue... and thought it worked. Now I'm even considering changing the voice, despite the fact that it would take so much work. Still don't know about that one.

My birthday is Tuesday (Yay!) and ... snow is in the forecast. Not a "storm" like last week, just flurries. But it counts. For the first time in my life... maybe in the history of the state of Georgia, we might have snow both on Christmas and on Jan 25.

This morning I looked outside for those unicorns. Guess they are still on their way. For the record, I've also requested centaurs and fauns to accompany them. :0)

And for the biggest impossibility of all.

I have a close friend with incredible taste in clothing. She always looks like a runway model. Sometime this year I began to suspect that she was slowly making over my closet with a suggestion here, encouragement there. I'd buy (cheap- we shop at outlets, Marshalls, and TJmaxx) stuff completely on her "Girl, that looks great on you!" comments. I'm not as interested in fashion as I am in color/comfort. So I trust her opinion.

But I have a few things I draw the lines on.

1) Jeans. Jeans bore me. I'm convinced they all look alike (when I told my friend that, she spent half an hour trying to convince me that every jean is unique and fabulous...um, no), and their only purpose is to be there... like ponytails, cereal, and sandwiches- what you wear when there is nothing else to wear. They are like a green screen when I see them on other people. I see their shirts and shoes, and the rest fades as if it isn't there.

I wear jeans, but I only have 2 pairs, just in case one gets dirty before I'm able to do laundry. I don't see the point in needing more. I only wear jeans when it's below 50 degrees outside. And don't get me started on skinny jeans. Not going to happen. Ever.

2). Pencil skirts. I love clothing that flows. Pencil skirts just emphasize hips, and what good is there in that?

Last weekend, I went shopping with my friend. She motioned at the jeans rack and suggested I try one on. I said no, that I didn't need anymore jeans in my life. I have two pairs... and it'll be warm enough in March that I won't wear them again until November. But to appease her, I grabbed a pair without glancing at them individually, just at sizes. Went into the dressing room...

They fit perfectly. Name brand jeans so on sale that even I can afford them, (NOT skinny jeans... seriously, never). First and only pair I tried on.


I walked out of the store bored, because even though it was a great find, they were still jeans. Not exciting. But my friends were excited for me. And even I know the odds of the first pair of jeans you try on looking great on you.

Last night, at another discount store, I found a pencil skirt for $10 that was remotely comfortable and not a giant hip billboard.

Three weeks into the new year, and it's like my mind has been repeatedly blown. I have a third pair of jeans. And a pencil skirt. Everything I knew to be true has turned upside down and laughed at me. Maybe this is my year after all. Hmm.

That being said, now I'm going to go scrutinize my story, to see if it's better in 1st person (current condition) or 3rd person. Oh, I hope it's 1st. Please, Lord. Wish me luck!

*As of Sunday night, Jan 23, snow has been removed from the forecast for this week. Whew! That was definitely too much for me to handle!


  1. I love first person, and I love pencil skirts! Go figure, both are a special (tight) fit for me:)

    Prayig you get the clear direction you need!

  2. I love writing first, but for some reason, always end up changing to third. Weird, huh?

    Hope you get the direction you need!

  3. We live in a topsy turvy world... especially when God is involved! :O)

  4. What a year this promises to be for you. Wishing you more wonderful surprises, both in life and in your writing.

    Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday!

    Yay for good fitting jeans and skinny looking pencil skirts!

    Amy @ Missional Mama

  6. Yoga pants are my favorite. SO comfy and very figure-flattering. Jeans seem extremely uncomfortable to me and I just wear them on Fridays because that's the only thing that we're allowed to wear on casual Fridays. If I could get away with it, I'd be all over yoga pants even on those days!

  7. It's fun to have your world take a new twist now and then, nothing too drastic, but enough to make it interesting.

  8. Ah, a perfect example of "never say never." :)

  9. I love jeans. Still a California girl. I used to hate them, too. Thought they were too Mommy-Uniform looking. But, that was before bootcut. Love the bootcut. Makes my legs look long and my thighs look thin. Plus, they last forever. Even if you go the extra few bucks, you'll be enjoying them for years.
    Congratulations on trying something new & Happy Birthday!

  10. This is too funny! I love it. And I love jeans!! I'm glad you found a pair you like :D

    Trying something new is always fun. And you never know, like pencil skirts, jeans, and 3rd person (yikes!!), you just may like it ;)