20 December 2010

Merry Christmas!

Hey, Everyone!

Have a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year! May you be stress-free, eat all the yummy goodies without guilt, have so much fun with your family and friends you never want the days to end, and have the joy of giving (and receiving!) the most perfect present.

May it be a beautiful celebration of His birth!

See y'all next year! The next post will be on January 3rd!

13 December 2010

Where Impossibility Meets Reality

As a child, my father told me that I'd hear stories about a fat man in a red suit, but not to believe them because the man didn't exist. He threw away Aladdin because he didn't want my brother and I to believe in a genie.

When I was in 11th grade, my Chem II teacher told me exactly why the sky was blue.

In twelfth grade, my physics teacher explained the exact preparations that have to happen in order to form a rainbow.

They explained away the magic...the possibility.

Last night, I watched the movie Julie and Julia for the first time. Have you seen it? If you haven't, the simple premise is that the movie is two stories: 1) Julia Child's journey to graduate from Paris' Cordon Bleu and publish a cookbook for American housewives and 2) a modern woman named Julie who needs meaning in her life. She decides to cook her way through Julia Child's cookbook in one year and blogs about it. Along the way she discovers a unique connection to the woman she emulates.

Watching this movie as a writer, I heard a lot about the publishing business. Some of it was the publishing industry of decades ago, some of it more recent. For instance, Julia Child sends a manuscript directly to a publisher- who actually reads it- without an agent and the entire process we go through nowadays.

Julie, the modern character, gets so much interest in her blog that editors and agents follow her. Before she even writes a book, her answering machine has 65+ messages in one day, many of them by editors and agents offering their services.

Having been in the blog world for a while and seriously researched the publishing business, I saw so many things that made me think, "But that's not possible! That's not how it works according to my research." My mind kept going, "Well, this was a different time. And it's for a cookbook, not a novel like what I write. So maybe that can explain the difference."

The more I read about the difficulty of getting published, the more movies like Julie and Julia feel like fairy tales. Yet that's a true story, so I know it happened. And I know people now who have followed the rules, worked the process, and have signed with agents and released books.

Book publication isn't a fairy tale, even if it isn't my current reality. That gives me hope.

And makes me forget that I know exactly what scientific dimensions make a rainbow.

06 December 2010

In Between

Hey, Friends!

I guess I should start out saying that I am exhausted! We had our annual Christmas party at AIM last night, and I spent the week helping prepare for it. The room was beautiful, thanks to the vision/talent of my friend (who decorated it last year too). Definitely worth the time and energy... now I just need some major rest!

Today (Sunday) I slept in and cleaned/organized, thus ending my spurt of have-to-create-something-itis. I'm pretty sure it's gone now. Since I was on the go from early in the morning to midnight every night this week, I didn't get any writing done. But alas. I have a clean apartment. An organized one. And helped put together a pretty incredible success of a party. Still a week of accomplishment!

Sitting here in my wonderfully clean room, I'm a bit confused. You see, I've started transitioning decorating styles in the past month. When I moved here, I bought all the cheap stuff/pulled things out of storage that I could. Now that I've been here for a year, I have a better idea of who I am/what my decorating style is/what makes me feel at home in a room. So I've been slowly purchasing things here and there as my wallet allowed. Mostly small items, but this week I got a new bedspread. And now the change is so evident.

There's just one problem. The room is only half done.

Parts are the old, rushed together room. And some parts are the wonderfully, so-pretty-I-can't-stop-looking-at-it wonderland.

It kind of reminds me of whenever I go back through my stories and re-work things. I take the original vision and rewrite, tweak, and edit again, trying to incorporate it and make it better at the same time. Sometimes I have to start from scratch. But usually something, even if it's just the bare bones, is reusable. Until it's finished though, it's a confusing sight. I'm the only one who can see what it will be. Kind of like my room now.

But oh, the vision I have. If I can pull it off, it'll be gorgeous. That day won't be for months, though. Still, I wait... ponder... dream... rework angles, colors, light, and shadow. Trying to bring my vision to life.

Definitely reminds me a lot of the editing process.

Do you know that in between feeling?