05 November 2010

Help African Orphans

Hey, Friends!

There's a contest I just heard about and wanted to pass on to you. Please check it out!

It's really simple: someone entered the cause of Swaziland Orphans in a contest. Everyday, they go to a carepoint to get a meal a day. It's possibly the only meal they eat. If enough people vote, then the Carepoints will get $5000.

Just go to this link and click on "vote". You have to enter an email address... and then you can vote once a day until Nov. 15. Please go vote and pass this on. It's an easy way to feed starving children.


Thank you!


  1. Did it! What a great program to be able to participate in!

  2. Great idea! Thanks for sharing the link and how to get involved! Have a great weekend & God bless! :)