12 May 2010

Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Part 2 of the Bolivian Adventure:

We left the mountains for Santa Cruz on Thursday, which was an all day trip. The next few days were full of meeting missionaries who live in Santa Cruz, visiting ministries, and laughter. It was random and full of activity.

One of my favorite things to do is leave the day up to God and see how He leads. There was one day in particular where we prayed for God's direction. Less than 20 minutes later, we had all the direction we needed through what many would consider "random" connections. I love it when that happens!

The next thing I knew, I was walking through a crowded indoor market full of raw vegetables and meat carcasses, boarding two crowded buses where I had to stand in the aisle as it stopped and started, hurtling across the city towards an orphanage/Girls' Home.

There were 17 girls at this orphanage, ranging from very young to older teens. Most were sleeping when we arrived. It was a Saturday morning, after all! But a few came to greet us. We played with a puppy and on the swings, toured the grounds to learn more about the ministry, and most of all, poured into the girls around us. They even gave us lunch!

There was this one girl, Silvana, who came up to me and wouldn't let go. She loved to smile and loved pictures. I leaned over and said, "Silvana, Jesus te ama mucho" and a huge grin split her face.

It was a great day.

(Silvana is in gray).

See y'all Friday for some really funny stories!


  1. Again, thanks for sharing such great pictures. : )

  2. Awesome pics! It hurts my heart to think of these girls without parents or family. :-(

    Silvana seems full of life. What a girl!

  3. you totally inspire me...what an amazing thing you're doing with your life....wow...ok double wow....Stay safe and strong ok.

  4. Aw...your interaction with Silvana brought tears to my eyes. Great pics, too!

  5. Those pictures gave me goose bumps!

  6. LOVE this :) And my favorite picture is the one with the little girl in the red shirt in front of the pink wall. I would seriously frame that and hang it on my wall!

  7. Hi Kristen -

    Your pictures speak volumes. I'd have a hard time leaving those girls behind.


  8. Thank you for being used of God to do His will. :O)

  9. This story really tugged at my heart - as did the pictures.

  10. I don't agree with what you are at all - you are sure you are doing God's will but it looks like a cultural imposition. Quit meddling- its just another form of imperialism and colonialism. You are fulfilling your own sentimental needs. The Bolivians can take care of themselves. If you want to help the Bolivians quit dreaming and writing; instead make a real sacrifice and give them money with no conditions- especially culturally biased conditions.

  11. Hey Anonymous...

    You sound judgmental. What she is doing is great...and all the help we can get is appreciated. The love and care she gives helps more than money. FYI - she has given money as well...and hasn't pushed any of her views on us.

    From a Bolivian...who has been impacted by her kindness.