26 May 2010

How Do You Write Your Life?

So, what story are you writing?

I'm not talking about your book. We'll talk about that on Friday.

But with your life. What's your story?

Is it a romance? Mystery? Weird sci fi? Latest teen craze?

It's interesting to me to think of living my life as writing a story. It's such a perfect metaphor... and I talk about living stories... but I didn't see it until recently.

Miller talks about his journey of examining his life as he edited his memoir for a movie. He and his colleagues started re-writing his story when he realized the sad truth: that the reality of his life wasn't a good story. So he set out to make it a better one. And the tale he began to weave included hiking the Inca trail in South America and biking across America.

Pretty cool.

Which definitely made me think of my life. I've lived good stories, as is iconic episodes. But I think as a whole, it's been pieces... separate chapters... not a fluid story. Part of this goes with the whole perspective thing that comes with where I am in life. But part of it is stuff that I'm thinking through and working on as I write this.

That being said, I got my contest results back last week and would like to talk about them. They fit nicely with this whole Donald Miller lightbulb moment. So come back Friday... let's talk about writing our stories, as in our novels.

For now, I want to know how you write your life. Who are the main characters? What are the main themes? What's the conflict?

My story right now: missions, writing, and friends. Laughter. Coca-cola, sunshine, and tiger lillies. Starry nights, a silly poodle, and candles that smell like October. A Nikon d40, dreams of the future, and a car that can't decide what color it is. Stress, traveling adventures, and P90x. Jesus.

There's more, but I'm too sleepy to think anymore.

See you Friday!


  1. My life right now seems like a big blur of activity. I think I'd have a hard time writing it...a good reminder for me to slow down a little over the summer.

  2. My story right now: my girls, the hubby, gazebo, writing outdoors, funny bunny tales, Boston, triceps . . . . maybe a new puppy?

  3. Hmmm, not sure what mine would be. LOL A boring story because there's not much conflict (which is a good thing, right?)
    Looking forward to your next post!

  4. Your life sounds fantastic and I'm so happy for you.
    As for my story? Eh...I'd rather not.

    Love this new post series :)

  5. Great post, Kristen. After a weekend away with the awesome women at my church, reconnecting and hearing testimonies, I got to thinking again about living more intentionally, not just reacting.

  6. If I were to liken my life to a genre, I'd say women's fiction. I've recently become an Empty Nester and, as such, am able to pursue my dream, nurture it, enjoy it, savor it. I've got more "me" time than I've had in years, and it's way cool. I miss our daughter, but she's doing so well at college that I can rejoice in her success and not feel guilty about spending time on myself. That's quite a gift.

  7. I'm woman's fiction with a literary bent.

  8. My life right now is trying to make sense of everything that's come before. There's been mystery, adventure, romance and a lot of spiritual how-to so far.

  9. Hi Kristen -

    LOL! The last seven years have been fast-paced adventure, drama, and spiritual growth. If I wrote the story of my life, someone would probably say, "Impossible! It must be fiction."


  10. It's fun to see others' stories in this way. It really is the objects/people/feelings of everyday life--not the iconic moments--that make for good stories. I can think of two main artifacts of my own life: a schoolteacher husband who works too hard and the big couch where we meet each evening to share our teaching struggles--and triumphs.

  11. My life reminds a little of a kayak trip; I'm constantly paddling, gliding from one situation to another with sudden shifts into crisis followed by working my way upright again. Lots of peaceful times and gorgeous memories to treasure. Sometimes enjoying others' company, other times basking in pleasant solitude. Aware that no matter where I go God is always there, too. There have been a lot of changes to deal with during my life but I'm very content.

  12. My story is adventure: travel, children, marriage to a musician, writing, friends, castles in Germany, children in Romania, nature and Jesus. Definitely Jesus.

  13. My story is acing for goals to be met. In y life and my characters. Funny how they mirror one another! I'm craving more of the Lord. I can't seem to get enough these days.

  14. Well I guess I do write my life really because I write memoir :)

    I am looking forward to hearing about your contest comments :)

  15. You're back in the blogosphere! Welcome. I guess my story is faith, family, friends, writing. pretty simple. But a hike through the Inca trail sounds awesome!

  16. So, you got your doggie back? I prayed you would!

    My life? A circus, a plate of low-calorie, low-fat food, a wrestling match with the devil.

  17. Hey, Jeannette! No... she's still at my parents' house. But I still get to visit her this weekend! :0)