02 April 2010

Have You Seen Me?

So, a few years ago I was given the most awesome pair of shoes. I was in Africa, just days from flying to India for a Christmas Party, and my last pair of flip flops suffered a fatal blow out. I was also severely lacking in money and didn't want to go to the ATM (and incur another international ATM charge) while I pulled out what I estimated was the cost of shoes.

So a friend came to my rescue. It turns out we had the same size feet, which was weird because we wear odd sizes. She offered me--you guessed it--a pair of flip flops. I was so happy.

These flip flops are incredible. They are a hug for my feet. Two years later, I still have them. They've been torn up and "shoe-gooed" time and again, so I don't wear them as often now. But I love them.

Not too long ago, I looked into replacing them. Only, I can't. They were given to me with the logo half-worn away. So I don't know who made them. I don't know where to order them. When I asked the friend who so graciously gave them to me, she said she bought them in Indiana, but wasn't sure if it was at a national chain store or a local store. So, I'm stuck. Unless you can help.

Have you seen this logo before? If so, please help!

This week we're talking about identity and these shoes kind of remind me of the mascot I mentioned on Wednesday. Once again, they have an unknown identity for me. Except that this time I have a personal relationship with the item. I love it. And it's taken on its own identity to me. I don't know these flip flops as my Old Navy ones or my Walmart ones. They are my "hugs", given to me in Africa, and fellow world travelers.

I'm willing to go to great lengths to find "them" again. Well, I can't spend too much money, but you get the idea. I've literally asked everyone I know. I've searched the web. Now I'm asking y'all for help. Why?

They made an impression on me. These aren't just shoes to me. And I don't want to let them go.

Oh, I hope someone says that about my books one day--that they aren't just books to them. That they are stories they love. And that the covers, once perfect, are tattered and well worn, with my name half-rubbed away. Maybe the reader won't remember my name. I'd be okay with that. I just want them to remember my stories.

Have a great weekend. See y'all Monday!


  1. I love flip-flops! Those look familiar to me...but it's the actual part that crosses over your feet that looks familiar. Have you tried some surf shops? They kind of look like Reefs or something.

  2. Oh I love the connection you've made in this. I also like the mysteriousness of the logo and finding it. Makes the shoes all the more cool in my book.
    ~ Wendy

  3. What an awesome analogy!!! Sorry I can't help you out with the shoes.

  4. I thought maybe I could help if they were local (African) shoes, but not familiar to me I'm afraid.

  5. Oops, sorry - forgot to mention that I've dropped my pen name (Ann Victor) and now writing under my own name! I've set up a new blog as well www.judycroome.blogspot.com, so your blogroll probably hasn't picked up my new writing tip posts (punctuation, conflict etc)

  6. Could they be Reef flipflops, maybe? I know Reef is a brand that sells at a lot of chain stores. Terrific analogy and good luck identifying your shoes! I know the feeling.

  7. Sweet post, Kristen! Can't say I can give you any help on the manufacturer of your shoes, though! Love your connection between the shoes and your books! That's my dream too! Have a very blessed Easter!

  8. I hope for the same thing. Best of luck finding out where to get the flip flops, and Happy Easter!

  9. I can relate completely. I have a closet chalk full of special items that I can't part with- including books!

    Happy Easter!

  10. A good pair of flip flops that don't hurt your toes are hard to find! Let us know if you figure it out.

  11. Kristen, oh this is a post with "take-away" value--notice I didn't say "get lost" value.

    You're a wonderful writer.

  12. Kristen, I've found you can find almost anything if you google it. Maybe you could type, "shoe brand finder," or something like that in the find line. or "obscure shoe brands from Africa." Sometimes it takes patience and imagination.

    Good luck

  13. What a great story. I sure hope you find your shoes. I love the analogy, and share your wish for producing writing that has that same effect.

  14. I love when I get something I can't let go of...like those sandels....something you just can't part with. I wish I could help...and one day Kristen...your books WILL be cherished by many...I'm gonna believe for you...Happy Easter. Sarah

  15. I was attached to the flip-flops that I took with me to Thailand and Ecuador, but sadly, they broke. I had worn them so many times, they had personal imprints of my feet in them. I totally get you here.

    Sorry you can't find out which shoes these are. The only "DG" I know is "Dolce & Gabana."

  16. Not sure about that logo, Kristen.

    I agree with you about your books--they will be memorable, and leave your hugs on people's hearts for ages.

    Love you,

  17. I love this post...I can't help with the flops, but I wish you lots of luck!