22 January 2010

Letter From a VIP--Very Important Poodle

Dear Friends--

My sister asked me to write this post for today because she is extra busy this week. She's been packing and finishing last minute projects, working out, and most of all, cuddling with me. Though she hasn't exactly told me why she's packing, I know what it means. I always do. I always know it's coming before she tells me. The first time she packed to leave I tried to help by removing all the socks from her suitcase. It didn't work. She doesn't wear socks anymore and I stopped doing laundry years ago.

This time she says it's different.

She'll still come back and visit--often, because best friends can't go long without seeing each other--but we won't get to cuddle every night like we want to. At least she's not moving to Africa again. She did that once and I didn't like it. Thankfully God sent her back early. I was so happy.

I understand she has to leave and I believe in her. I love her so much that I will forgive her absence, but I still refuse to talk with her over the phone. I don't know how my sister gets in that little machine, but I don't like it. She'll have to come see me in person. But she says she's fine with that. I'll be here waiting for her. I always will.

She's been preoccupied this week and sad as well, with the same expression she has before going overseas. Anxious about all that needs to be done, excited about what's ahead, and upset to leave me. She says when she comes back in the future it won't be for a week or longer, but just a few days. We'll make do with the time we have, I guess.

Will you pray for her today? And me too. My poodle-heart is heavy (though my sister would say my belly is still the heaviest part of all). My sister said to tell you that she'll be back in blog world next week. It'll be a week of celebration despite the sadness of the weekend, because Monday is not just her first day of full time work--it's also her birthday. What timing... kind of like when I decide I need to go outside just as she sits down to eat lunch. Anywho...

Thank you for understanding. I think I must go and entice my sister into playing with the hippo. That always makes her feel better--even though she says she prefers cuddling most of all. But who can resist a poodle and a hippo?

My regards to all--

(Mitsi Gail Boodylicious)


  1. Oooh! Poodle! I'll pray :) Who could resist that cute letter?

    Tell Kristen I said Hi, happy packing and enjoy the transition as best you can. I am thinking of her today.

  2. I'll be praying for her. She's blessed to have such a cutie patootie poodle friend. :-)

  3. Aw, I'm crying. This was such a touching letter, and I'm so sorry. But I'll be praying! May good things come out of this for both of you.

  4. Moving, change, - it's always a mixture of emotions. Hope everything goes smoothly. - Laura

  5. cute-an interesting and intertaining POV.


  6. Great POV! LOVE the way you led us on, then zapped us with Poodle Mania.

    Still praying, girl!!

  7. awww Kristen...I'll pray too..for both of you. That pup is the cutest. stay strong ok. Sarah

  8. Be brave Mitsi, and tell your sister Happy Birthday. I'll be praying for the two of you.

  9. I will say a special prayer! Cute pup!

    -Alisa Hope

  10. Sweet and sad and heart-wrenching. Sending prayers to you both. Happy Birthday!

  11. Dear dragon, er, poodle:
    I shall pray for your sister. You're a dear poodle to post this for her :)


  12. aww I know you love your poodle! So sad!