01 December 2009

Tuesday Tidings

Hey, Friends!

I know--I'm blogging out of schedule. Plotters, please do not freak out! I just thought I'd have an extra post this week and take care of some "housekeeping".

First of all, I had a silent contest yesterday. I've actually been holding it for quite some time now. But y'all didn't know about it because it was "silent". :0) So the contest was for my most recent goal: getting 30 comments to one blog post in a single day. Some of those comments could be mine as I replied to you, but whoever scored the "30th post" would win a prize. Well, I don't know if it was the super cute puppy or the fact that turkey compelled all of you to visit me and comment yesterday (Did you miss me over the break?), but I reached my goal for the first time! WOOOHHOOOO!!!! Please celebrate with me! And the winner is Terri Tiffany! WOOHHHOOOO!!! Terri, you win an authentic red-orange Indian pashmina that can be worn as a shawl, a scarf, used as decoration, or even regifted for Christmas. :0) Please email me at kristentorrestoro[at]gmail[dot]com for your address. It'll be in the mail next week because I can't get to the post office until then!

For everyone else, beware! I'll have silent contests in the future. You'll never know when they will pop up!

Second, I now have a writing Facebook profile. Right now it's under "Kristen Torres-Toro Author". Please "friend" me, if you'd like. Actually, this leads to my question of the day: do you think it's presumptuous to say "Author" if you're pre-published? Should I just change it to "Writer"?

The idea for this came from the awesome Elizabeth Spann Craig's post on Facebook. If you've never read her blog, please go check it out. Her advice on having a private and professional account solved my problem of wanting to goof off with friends while still pursuing the marketing/platform side of this business--especially until it is a done deal and I'm actually published in book form. I've really chafed at the idea of using my personal Facebook for business. I'm a really private person and didn't know how to use Facebook without feeling like I was losing something precious. Yes, I'm aware that it is the internet, but I still don't want a bunch of strangers reading something I'm saying to a close friend. I want to personally know everyone on at least one account. This way, everyone's happy--except for my friends who suddenly think I've married someone with the last name "author"! Wouldn't that be nuts!

This also solves a separate problem for me. My current name will be my pen name if I ever get married, but I plan on taking my husband's last name in "real life" without the maiden name. This way I can build a page under my author name. If I ever do get married, I'll drop the "author" on the writing profile.

Third, I just heard that Danny Gokey is going country and I am so thrilled.

Fourth, it's December! That's fun!

Fifth, I heard the most beautiful version of Silent Night a few weeks ago on Grey's Anatomy. It's sung by Sara Ramirez and is so beautiful. Unfortunately, it's not available on itunes. But go check it out on YouTube! There's a conversation in the middle of it, but you can still hear it in the background.

That's all for now. Have a great day, Everyone! And thanks for making mine yesterday! See y'all tomorrow. We're going to talk about antagonists!


  1. A silent contest--cool idea!

    Thanks for the plug for my blog, Kristen. :)

    I've friended you on FB and hope it'll work out well for you! I really like having two accounts (otherwise I'd have old yearbook pictures cropping up on my professional account and I wouldn't feel very professional!) I think you're just thinking ahead by saying 'author' and it's a good move.

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  2. Hey that is cool! A silent comp. I love that idea. I might just have my own. I am in the mood for competitions this month. Check out my blog for details of my latest!

  3. Thanks so much for everything, Elizabeth! I've seriously been moaning internally about using my personal Facebook for a long time. You solved my problem!

    Thanks, Tabitha! I love your contest--but I hope everyone loses. :0)

  4. Hi Kristen -

    Neat contest! Congrats to Terri.

    I'll be doing more posts than usual this month, especially toward Christmas. :)


  5. Congratulations to Terri! That's a neat idea, a silent competition. Cool.

    Ha! I had to laugh when I read about marrying someone with the last name of 'author'. How hilarious would that be? Mrs. Author! lol!!


  6. A silent contest, how fun! Congratulations to Terri.

    I think it's great you set up that Facebook account for marketing and such. If you have time, it doesn't hurt to work on that platform. As far as putting author by your name, I think you should do it if you're comfortable with it. You DO author fiction. But if you're not sure, go with what your gut tells you. You can always change it.

  7. What a cool contest to have! I love that idea:) thank you!

  8. I love the silent contest. What a fun idea. Congrats on hitting your goal. :]

  9. Thanks, Everyone!

    I know, Jen! Now I just need to find "Mr. Right", last name, "Author"!

    Thanks, Cindy! I'm taking this whole platform thing really slowly because too quickly and it's overwhelming. I think this is a good step. I thought about it for almost 2 weeks before acting on it and had peace about it. And thank you--I'll just keep "author"!

    You're welcome, Terri! Enjoy the pashmina!

  10. LOL This is some housekeeping! Congrats to Terri! I think she'll LOVE it. :-) Also, a silent contest??? LOL!! What an awesome idea.

    No opinion on the author/writer thingy, but since your facebook is private, that was a good idea.

  11. Now, this old dog has seen it all (RIGHT) A silent contest for tapping finger, coffee guzzling bloggers!

    You take the cake, but I WANT THE RED-ORANGE INDIAN PASHMINA. Ask all my friends. I COLLECT THESE THINGS, though I knew only the Irish name o' shawl.

    Sigh. Okay. I have shown my competition--again--and will now shut up and say congrats to Terri. (fingers and toes crossed.) LOL


  12. Great idea. I need to set up a writing Facebook profile as well.

  13. What a neat thing, a silent contest. Thats such a cool idea. Congrat to the winner.

    Oh and the Author Facebook profile is a great idea!

  14. Love the 'silent contest' idea!! Do you happen to have a pic of the pashmina? Can't quite imagine it!

    Also love the term 'pre-published' v. unpublished! Personally, I don't think 'author' is presumptuous, after all, you do have a successfully authored blog that just recently received 30 comments on a single post!! Woo-hoo! Congrats to you!! ;)

  15. Patti Lacy, you had me howling with laughter!

    Do it, Stephanie! And please find me! We can be facebook friends too! :0)

    Thanks, Katie! I wanted to do it for the first time I reached 30 on a post (regardless of time), but wouldn't you know, a close friend was the 30th each time! She never knew my plan, but I wondered if anyone in blogdom would think it was fishy.

    No, sorry, Maria. I don't have one. It's a shawl, basically. I need to scrimp on my pictures because the ones I take are so "heavy" they are using up my allotted internet space. BOO! But thank you... I'll think I'll keep the "author"!

  16. I'm so happy Terri won the contest and Kristen, thanks to you...the writer's block I had is gone. I'm writing again. I took all your suggestions from the last post and been scribbling like mad even at work. It's the best high. And also your comment on my blog re: money....is great. Have a great week. Can't wait to read your next post. You're the best. Sarah

  17. Congrats to Terri! And Kristen, what a great contest idea! I think you should keep the 'Author' title. You are, in many ways, even without a book jacket to ptoclaim it. :)

  18. I'm so glad, Sarah! Thank you for sharing that with me! It made my night!

    Thanks, Karen. I think I'm going to go with it. The title feels so big that right now I'm squirming in it, but hopefully one day it'll feel "just right"!