14 December 2009

Decisions, Decisions

Hey, Friends! Happy week before Christmas!

Our topic this week is going to be about choices. Does anyone else have trouble making decisions? No? Just me? Lucky!

Okay, so I'm in the middle of a big life change at the moment. In January I am moving an hour and a half away and will work full time with Adventures in Missions. I'm pretty excited about this and scared to death at the same time. Most importantly, I'm not looking forward to leaving my poodle. She's my best friend, my sidekick, but she can't come with me. So Kristen and Mitsi Gail Boodylicious are going to be very sad in January. Okay, not going to think about that right now.

So, last week I went up to future hometown and toured apartments. My mind is all swirly right now with all the choices before me. I found three possibilities. Since I'm on support, budget is going to be a huge determining factor. But let's just pretend--we'll call it fiction--and say that I could live in any of these places. Which would you choose for me? All are 1 bdrm and 1 bath because I will not have a roommate.

The dream place (a bit more expensive but great value) with the biggest closets and a little writing nook?

The place with the best prices but not quite as nice, the smallest closets, the best fitness center, and a side entrance within running distance of the lake?

Or the place with almost the best prices, second-nicest apartments, mirrors on the kitchen wall between the cabinets and the counters (seriously--why?), almost the biggest closet, a garden tub, the most privacy, and a wooded view?

All three complexes are safe. They all have pools and fitness centers (really small gyms), and business centers. All are in a similiar location.

Poodle's no help. I asked her I should do and she told me not to move. I just really want to love where I live. I want it to feel like home, like my place. I want to feel creative there, safe, and not like a sardine.

You can learn a lot about people based on their choices. Characters, too--whether they fly off the handle, what makes them act out, and what their motivations are. Decisions reflect values. Because while I'm not the biggest fan of the mirrors in the kitchen in apartment #3, it appeals to me as an introvert. And I really value garden tubs. Both #2 and #3 appeal to my love of nature. #1 is just an awesome apartment. A lot more space, plus the writing nook. It's probably closer to work and my friends than the others. So, what do I value more? Hmm...

What about you? What do your choices say about you? What about your characters?

And most importantly, where should I live?

See y'all Wednesday!


  1. I'm a view kind of girl, myself. :)

    My choices say it takes me forever to make a decision...like you!

    Nice way to think about our characters...what gets them into the situations they get into?

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  2. The one in running distance of the lake. But then I am a runner. I am always looking at where the heck I will run when we move and plotting out new routes. Good luck. :)

  3. Oh, I must have nature even if it is only a morsel. Good luck with your choice. *shudder* I hate moving. I image I'll never do it again.

    My characters are pretty decent. When push comes to shove they all make plucky decisions.

  4. Hey Kristen, decisions are the hardest thing for me too - my opinion for you though - go with #1. You love it. That comes through really clear and that writing nook.....And I believe God will provide the finances too. Sarah

  5. My choices often say I'm impuslive...I need to slow down and think more carefully about things, especially the words I choose to speak to my husband sometimes. I'm very blessed ot have a forgiving, patient husband!

  6. Decisions, decisions! I am probably the most indecisive person you will ever know, so I will not burden you with my failings.

    Praying for you that you find that special place!

  7. I'd go with the cheapest one if I was on a budget. Less stress if things get tight one month. :-) But I'm frugal and I don't pay too much attention to my surroundings.
    I hope you have a great time with this and are blessed. :-)

  8. I just read in the book Crazy Love that we should always be asking ourselves if our choices are the most loving things we could be doing...I thought that was profound.

    I have a little musical something for you on my blog today.
    ~ Wendy

  9. Oh, sounds like some tough choices, Kristen. That's a good place to be in. They could all be bad! Too bad you couldn't find a place that accepted dogs! Once you decide you'll have to post a picture of it so we can see your new home!

  10. I wish you luck in your decision. I hate making decisions like that, but I'm sure all will work out for the best. Great analogy about characters by the way.

  11. Me too, Elizabeth! I'm hoping that apartment will still be available when I'm actually able to make this decision.

    I love that one too, Tabitha. Although, the fitness centers all have elliptical machines, which I love. I love the nature part of this place.

    Me too, Rebecca! My characters struggle with decisions, probably because I do. I wonder how it would feel to write a decisive person?

    Thank you, Sarah! I do too--but please pray for me! It would be really cool to live there!

    I wonder what it's like to be impulsive, Katie. I'm so methodical and resist change/decision-making. Want to trade minds for a day?

  12. I'll be believing with you that you make the right choice. You aren't alone, I can be decision challenged about some things too. Blessings to you, and will be praying for your move. Hugs!

  13. Thank you, Tamika! I definitely need and appreciate it!

    I'm frugal too, Jessica. That's definitely a factor here. It's weird because every place has a major perk and a major minus. The perks and minuses are all different, but kind of even it all out.

    I love that Wendy! I'm going to start asking myself that! And thanks so much for the award!

    True, Jody! Actually, they all accepted dogs. But my poodle is the family dog (even though I'm the one she's bonded to the most) and I can't bring myself to take her away from the only home she's ever known and my parents. We took her on a road trip this weekend and she whined whenever we stopped and one of us left the car. I can't imagine taking her up there. I definitely will post a picture... just please excuse all my second hand, non matching furniture!

    Thanks, Susan! I hate making decisions like this too. Glad to know I'm not alone!

    I love that everyone has such different suggestions/reasons! Y'all are giving me a lot to think about!

  14. Thank you so much, Karen! I really appreciate it!

  15. Kristen, this blog is so deep, yet so fun!!!!
    Sigh. Choices. I go with my heart, my soul. The places that grabs my heart and squeezes tight is MY PLACE. I'm an otter, gleefully jumping from one party to the next, shaking water on everyone.

    Okay. I am married to Mr. Rational. Mr. Beaver. He analyzes each log carried in his well-set jaw. For hours. For days.

    We are a good match. Thank You, God.

    Love you. And will send you a picture of the Orange Wonder soon! (gotta find a photographer!!!)

  16. I hate making decisions. In fact, I can never plan a vacation because I can't decide what we should do. Good luck choosing.

  17. That's very tough.
    Although I'm VERY practical, right now in my life I'm seeing how short life is, so I think I would go with the dream place. The writing nook sounds heavenly.

  18. How exciting for you! I pray you end up in the most wonderful location of them all. I've learned the hard way to pray over every small detail in my life. It helps orient me to God's will.

  19. Best to choose the most affordable. You can always decorate and make it yours but you don't have to stress if the economy turns again or if you run into a snag. It's no fun to be housepoor. Much funner to have an extra dollar to buy a soda with a girlfriend on a Saturday afternoon...

    that's my vote :D

  20. Wandered in here from over at Patti Lacy's blog because you said "eish" in your comment. That was just too familiar for me to ignore! :0

    I say...go for the view! :) Life is too short to look at an ugly vista.

    And if you get chance pop on over to my blog for a chance to win one of five unique prizes from South Africa in my Christmas Contest. (now you know why I recognised 'Eish')! :):)

  21. Patti Lacy, I love that you know the animals! That makes me so happy! I'm 100% goldie and 95% beaver... have almost no otter in me (on extraversion tests I always score zero)! Sounds like you do have a great match! I can't wait to see what God has for me. Can't wait to see the picture of orange wonder. I'm glad you like it! Thanks so much!

    It does, doesn't it, Jennifer? I think the only way I can do it is if I go back and ask them to match the rates at the other place. But I'd love to have them do it!

    I agree, Tess. #2 and #3 are so close together both of them are fair game. One has more expensive rent but the utilities are better at the other one.

    Ha, Patti Neilson! I understand that dilemma so well! I'm not a fan of making decisions. I think if I were rich I'd hire someone to make my decisions for me.

    Thank you so much, T.Anne! I really appreciate it!

    I agree, Ann! And I'm definitely look into it! I will--and I'm so excited you found me! I LOVE South Africa and have spent a lot of time there myself. More time in Swaziland, but have spent a lot of time in SA too. So GREAT TO MEET YOU!

  22. Hmm...this is an interesting debate. If I was making the decision I would definitely choose the less expensive place, but if it was my husband he would push for the place that we loved the most. He's all about enjoying what we have. I think you've got to go with your gut. Life's too short to be stressed about money or to be unhappy with your home!

  23. I'm going with what your poodle said. :) Love the name by the way. Okay... on to decisions... umm...umm.... I don't know! yikes! the pressure of choosing Kristen's apartment.... tapping fingers. ooh...Pick the view. Nature's always a good writing partner. How's that answer? :)

  24. I agree, Ellie! Nature's my muse, so it really makes sense. I'm praying that if it's the one, God will work it all out. The best decision would be to go with my poodle's choice. I'm excited about this move, but sad to leave her!

    Thanks, Lisa and Laura! I agree on both counts. When it comes down to it, it will definitely be a gut decision.

  25. Hi Kristen -

    I say, "go with your heart." New beginnings are wonderful, but often mean saying goodbyes to aspects of the past that we love.

    Susan :)

  26. Big decisions are hard, aren't they? From someone who has moved WAY too much, I would definitely factor in the money.

    How much will you save if you go with a cheaper apt? And will this money actually make a difference in your day-to-day life? If you're pretty sure it will disappear in lattes, go with the apt that makes your soul sing, but if you put the difference in a savings account each month--you might have a nice vacay fund that would make the less expensive apt. totally worth it!

  27. Go for the wooded view, Kristen. That would decide it for me. Trees bring out the praying in me.

    Can't a friend poodle sit til you can come back to your fur baby? Is this permanent?


  28. Hey, Jeannette. It's my decision--I couldn't do that to her. We've bonded the most, but she's the family dog. Whenever we take her somewhere in the car, she gets really upset. I can't imagine moving her with me, even though I'm going to miss her. And I can't afford the pet cost right now. She's going to stay with my parents. I'll probably visit often because I'll miss her so much.

    I feel the same way about trees!

    I agree, Jill! Finances are definitely playing a huge role in my decision.

    Thanks, Susan! I think I will!

  29. I'd so go with "the dream place." I mean a writing nook? You had me at that. For sure. :)

    Good luck with all the decisioning. It's hard sometimes.

  30. i'm just now realizing you gave me a blog award, like, a month ago! how is this possible? well, my life has been nothing short of hectic, i guess. not much time to blog (in fact, i'm commenting on your blog at work!) but thanks so much for thinking of me. goodness. i appreciate it. and your blog is just looking so great. kudos.

    The Character Therapist

  31. I have a hard time making decisions. I have learned to slow down and think things through, waiting for the Lord to confirm my choice. It's interesting to consider my choices and the way people make choices in developing a character. I just hope my own character is being developed as I learn and gain wisdom about such things. (pun intended)

  32. I don't know. We've moved a ton, and I think safety and affordability are both huge. Beyond that--go with your gut?

    I've seen you comment on lots of blogs and decided to follow your link from Cindy Wilson's. I like your blog. Plus, the flowers are so pretty. :)

  33. I see you all over the place when I post, and now I finally found you! Yay! I hopped over from Julie's blog. :-)

  34. Moving is hard enough without having to leave a love behind. That must be so hard. My first choice was the place close to the lake - I always choose water. Looking forward to hearing what you decide and how you learn to fall in love with it, and your new life.

  35. Deb, Shannon, Carla, and Dawn, thank you so much for coming by Write in the Way! It's great to meet you all and I look forward to getting to know you! I'm glad y'all found me! Thanks so much for your encouraging comments!

    Thanks, ElanaJ! And you too, Jeannie! I completely understand. Life is getting crazier and crazier. I'll probably have to duck away for a bit when my move actually happens.

  36. It would be hard to say no to #1, but sounds like a must. I'm mourning you're having to leave your poodle. Will she be staying with someone you know?

  37. Oh goodie, a view of the parking lot!

    I love pre-published, that's perfect.

    As for the book, I wish I could read "Lonesome Dove" by Larry McMurtry again.

  38. I love my trees, so I'd probably opt for that one. But we've moved a zillion times and "home" was always where I felt safe and comfortable, so I'm with whoever it was that said "Go with your gut".

    Moving anywhere that required leaving my pets behind would be tough. I'm a dog person but they take a lot of work. Could you maybe adopt a kitten to keep you company -- either that or you'll have to get a big teddy bear. :)