17 September 2009

Those Funny Little Things

I love it when people poke fun at themselves, not in a "The spotlight has to be on me" way, but in a way of sharing themselves and their lives with others. Isn't that a lot of fun?

Do you do that as a writer? How about in your stories, do you poke fun at yourself?

Denise Hildreth actually wrote herself into one of her books, Savannah at the Sea. She talks about her husband, a Christian recording artist, in all of her books, but in that one, she makes an appearance with her husband. The characters go on vacation and from a distance they spot some author who writes stories about crazy people from the South. If you read that scene, it's really funny!

Randy Alcorn did something like that too. In Deadline, one of his characters repeatedly mentions a "friend" who writes books about "cops and bad guys". He gets to make a lot of wise cracks as his own expense. My favorite is when the character refers to this author and says something about how his writer friend hopes that if he mentions Krispy Kreme three times on one page that he'll get free donuts. (That's not an exact quote; I don't have the book in front of me). He then proceeds to do just that--saying the name of the company three times on one page. My question for Randy Alcorn is this, did you get the free donuts?

Have you ever noticed any "easter eggs" like this? What were they? A lot of writers I read poke fun at the areas of the States that they live in or a group of people that they are a part of. Not many write themselves in and then let loose. If you could do that what would you do?

I think I'd probably make a jab at poodles, country music, or Southern culture in general, all things that I'm passionate about. :0)

Tomorrow we're going to have a book feature. See you then!


  1. I poke fun at myself all the time. I'd never get through a day if I didn't laugh at the ridiculous things I tend to do. But I can't say I do so in my writing. My completed ms takes place in a small town (I grew up in one of those) and pokes a little fun at the small-town mentality, but I don't make an appearance.

  2. I write historicals, so it's more difficult to work myself into my stories. My characters do end up with some of my traits on occasion, though, and I've been known to poke fun at them.

  3. I think Australians may have brought the whole poking fun at self and others to an art form. I am not above seeing the lighter side of myself. And love nothing more than a good laugh at me :)

  4. I like to poke gentle fun at the South--I think it's okay to do that, because we're from here! I'm not sure if a Southerner would let anyone else get away with it. :)

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  5. I don't poke fun in my writing, but I definitely do in real life!

  6. I probably poke fun at personality types and how overly sensitive we all can be.

    Fun to think about.
    ~ Wendy

  7. I think self-deprecation is one of the funniest, most humble things. I've never thought to use such a thing in fiction. Interesting!

  8. I'm not sure I've actually made fun of myself in my book, but there are lines that I would definitely say (or think) in real life.

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  10. Okay, lets try this again, but with more coffee so it's semi-coherent and most of the words are spelled right:

    Anyone who's read my blog knows I pretty much live on making fun of myself, except when I'm too busy making fun of my family, neighbors and pets.

    I've never thought of writing myself into a book, though I guess I do so indirectly in the book I'm just finishing. The lead character is in the same profession, and I've used some of the situations I found myself in for humor. Hopefully, she's a lot cooler and funnier than I ever was in person.

    Kari Lynn Dell
    Montana For Real

  11. So I kinda have this habit of making fun of myself OFTEN on my blog. For some reason my posts about my most idiotic or embarrassing moments seem to entertain people. I don't get it... LOL

  12. That sounds like so much fun--putting myself into a story. I like to poke fun at myself! Laughter is great.

  13. Hi, Marybeth! You are really entertaining! I love your blog!

    I completely agree, Elizabeth! We can make of the South just because we can...kind of like a brother picking on his little sister until someone outside the family comes along and does the same thing...

    I've found that poking fun at myself really relaxes people. The downside is that it makes me seem more extroverted than I really am, which makes for conflict in relationships later when people are convinced that I hate them because I'm not saying as much as I did that first day. Anyone else have that problem?

  14. Every character I write is a charicature of me in some way. If you read carefully (and know me really well), you'll see me in all my characters (even the villians) and especially when they screw up!