25 September 2009

Special Friday Post: 5 Words

JungleMom, who lives in the Paraguay and has such a fascinating blog, had a friend give her 5 words this week to create a post around. She then offered to pass this opportunity on to any who asked. So I jumped in, hence this special Friday post. My five words are: Photography, India, Writing, Blogging, and Family.


Have y'all met my husband? He's a Nikon d40, and oh, he is so handsome! He has great manners and loves to make me beautiful things. When we first met, I went out with him and he gave me tiger lillies, my favorite flowers. I posted the album on facebook, titled "First Date" and talked about him like he was a person. So many people were really confused! Many got excited, because I'm 25, single (not in a relationship and never married), something that is pretty rare for the South. We marry young down here. I got a huge kick out of that... It's pretty fun saying things like, "here, use my husband" and "has anyone seen my husband?" My favorite so far as been that I'm going to use him until I can get something even better in a few years. Ha!

Right now, this is just a hobby, but it's one that I love and want to get better at. I love studying the light, playing with it, and seeing what happens to color. I literally have spent all day fiddling with my "numbers" as my a friend calls it, manually manipulating photographs.


I never expected to go. Not in a million years. I'm Africa through and through. I've spent almost a year of my life in Africa, something that has come to define me and how I approach life. That continent keeps me awake in the night; it's in my blood. I long to go back with everything that's in me. So when the opportunity to minister in India came about, I originally said "no". But I couldn't get the trip out of my mind, and began praying about it. For the past three years, I've spent some portion of the Christmas season in India, throwing a party for orphans who have no one. When I think of India, I immediately think of being so cold and unable to get warm, which is definitely ironic! India gets really cold in December and January, and since most of the buildings are made of stone and have marble for floors (marble is cheaper than wood there, because there are so few trees in Delhi), you just can't seem to get warm.

I've now spent quite a bit of time in India, especially this year. It has become a second home to me. Now, when I think of India, I think of home. I think of the precious ones at the orphanage, my leper friends, my Indian mother who lives in the slums. She's one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen. God's love just shines through her. And everyday she risks her life by following Jesus. I think of the beggars, the slumdog children who really are "pimped" and used to get money, only to relinquish it to their bosses. I smell the ginger spice of chai and feel the thrill of driving a motor scooter through the maze of streets, of walking through the market and bartering for all I'm worth, and still having to pay too much simply because I'm an American. I hear the wild dogs and the seemingly unending Bollywood songs that pour out the radio, see the cows standing beside starving children, and wonder if there's any place in the world as enchanting, infuriating, and utterly foreign to me as India.

But when it comes to food, India wins hands down. Don't even get me started on how much I hate African pap.

I have a new WIP! Right now it has no title, but there is a prologue and two chapters to its credit. I have more questions that I have answers and am still waiting to see where the plot will go. It's been really frustrating. But I'm so excited about the themes before me in this story. I can't wait to play with them and see what happens!

I'm relatively new to the blogging world. I started reading blogs back in January and finally started this blog in July. This is something that I've really come to love. I've really enjoyed getting to know all of you. You've been incredible writing encouragement, friends, and teachers. I started small, only posting 2-3 days a week because I wanted to pace myself. Someday that might change, but I figured it was better to make a solid foundation than a hastily built one. I'm learning so much about this and am just so thankful for all of you!

I'm not going to say much about my family, simply to respect their privacy. I have a baby brother who just got married this summer to an awesome woman. I couldn't ask for a better sister-in-law. My parents have been awesome about this whole missionary thing and have given me a home to live in for as long as I need it when I'm stateside, something I'm so thankful for! It's funny--the older you get and the more life changes, the more thankful you are for home and for family. And then there's my sweet poodle, who y'all have already met. She's pretty silly.

Thanks, JungleMom! That was fun! If anyone would like for me to give them "five words" just mention it in the comment section. Warning: I can be really random! Also, it might take me a week or so to get back to you, because I'm going on vacation!! WOOHOOO!!!! I won't come be on blogland officially until 13 October 2009. I'll be away from the internet for most of that time. Please come back! I'll miss you all, but I am so excited to go out and have some fun in the sun with one of my best friends! This is my first vacation in years, so it's a pretty big deal!


  1. I love Jungle Mom's blog. I rarely comment because I am in such awe of her life, I have little to add. Reading your post here has allowed me to get to know you a little better. Thanks for sharing. I'll take the 5 word challenge, but I can't promise when I'll get to it, but send them my way, and I'll give it a shot. Have a great vacation!

  2. What a great peek into your life, Kristen! I loved the bits about India...fascinating. And the photo is absolutely gorgeous!

    God bless you on your travels!

  3. Love the five words idea!! And I enjoyed getting to know more about you! You confused me for a minute when you mentioned your husband because I thought you were single! But then as I read on, I realized what you were referring to! Have a wonderful vacation!

  4. How iteresting! I would never think of India as being cold. Great getting to know you more!

    Have a great vacation!

  5. Oh how fun. So glad I found your blog. :)Have a great vacation!

  6. Oh, you know I'm up for that. Give me five words.

    I so enjoy your blog. Glad your new WIP is two chapters in...was that what you were referring to on my blog?
    ~ Wendy

  7. fun! great to get to know you a little bit :)

  8. Like, Jody, I too was confused at first. That's funny. I loved this 5-word idea. What a wonderful way to learn more about someone. Thanks for sharing today, Kristen.

  9. Have a fun vacation! And thanks for sharing a little about yourself.

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  10. I didn't realize you were new to the blogging world. Looks like you were on here not long before I migrated over here.

  11. Thanks for participating! I learned so much about you! I loved getting to know your husband too!

  12. Hi Kristen- thanks for the glance into your life. What a fasicinating ministry, keep serving in Jesus name!

    I love the five word challenge, count me in!

    Blessings to you...

  13. Oh, Kristen, this had to be one of my favorite posts on your blogs. I love what you said about AFrica...about how it's in your blood. I've only been to Kenya, and it wasn't anywhere close to a year (it was only three weeks), but I felt that way too for a long time. This yearning for the people I met there. It scares me sometimes how that yearning's gone away. I'd love to go back.

    Thanks for sharing! What a cool idea! And how fun about your new WIP!

  14. Wow, lots of interesting stuff about you! Thank you for sharing. :-)

  15. The bit about your "husband" cracked me up! I think I'm going to have to steal that, though not for my camera... since I don't have one. ;)

  16. Have a wonderful vacation and congrats on the new WIP!!

  17. The 5 word game is cool! I'm so envious of you! I have been waiting so long for God to send me somewhere in the missions field. I so much want to love on the orphans. You are so blessed!

  18. live it up on your vacation, kristin! can't wait to hear about it!

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