31 July 2009

The Book All Writers HAVE to Read

First Book Feature:

James A. Owen’s
Here, There Be Dragons

“What is it?” John asked.
The little man blinked and arched an eyebrow.
“It is the world, my boy,” he said. “All the world, in ink and blood, vellum and parchment, leather and hide. It is the world, and it is yours to save or lose.”
-James A. Owen, Here, There Be Dragons

Every other week I’ll either feature a book or have something else fun as an extra post. Book features will be less review-ish and more like, well, a feature. For this first entry of this kind, and keeping with the theme of inspiration, I chose the children’s fantasy book, Here, There Be Dragons.

The first in a four book cycle concerning the Archipelago of Dreams and those that inhabit them, Here, There Be Dragons is a writer’s book. It’s not that it’s just a great story, although it most definitely is. It’s not that it’s exceptionally well written, although, it’s most definitely that too. But it’s more than that. This is a book for a reader, for someone who truly loves stories. Filled with literary and creative references to everything from the Loch Ness Monster to Sherlock Holmes, readers will delight in catching all the allusions. The story itself is captivating, full of mythical creatures (such as a witty dragon and a loveable badger) and intense conflict.

But best of all, is. . .

Well, I can’t tell you, now, can I? If you’ve read the book you know. If you haven’t, and you love to read and write, then I cannot more strongly urge you to find a copy, whether it’s in a bookstore, a library, or on an online bookseller like Amazon. It’s worth the money. It’s worth the gas mileage. It’s definitely worth a late night.

I will give you a hint, though. Let’s just say that it fits with the theme of inspiration, of our Company and our Muse. And that if you value a truly wonderful ending, you will not flip to the end and read the last chapter. Trust me—it’s worth it!

Read, and enjoy!

See you Tuesday!


  1. Brilliant post, John! Perhaps in my top 5 "Greatest Books EVER" list. I might just have to read them all again before number 4 comes out.


  2. Thanks!

    I still need to read the third book... am a little bit behind. I just love the first one so much!!!

  3. Hi Kristen! Thanks for stopping by Brain Throw Up today and sharing your 3 C's!

    What a great blog you have, Kristen....when I wrote that, I felt like Little Red Riding Hood saying "What big teeth you have, Grandpa." I really love your background. Simple and aesthetically pleasing. Nice choice!

    I think your feature Fridays are an excellent idea. :)

  4. Looks like a great read! Is it an adult genre or would it be appropriate for a teenager? My oldest son loves fantasy and I'm always looking for good fiction for his voracious appetite!

  5. Hey, Jody!!

    I'd definitely recommend it for a teenager, especially one who loves to read! It's technically "children's fantasy" so it's really age-appropriate. It's also a pretty easy/fast read.

    Hi, Katie! Thank you! I really enjoy your blog, so I'm glad I found it!

    Thanks! This idea was kind of an "accident". Seems like most of mine are. I'm glad to know that y'all like it!